Caring for your Carpet

Your carpet represents a large investment. Keep it looking its best by following these simple tips:

  • Use entrance mats to keep outside soil from being tracked onto your carpet.
  • Even if you use mats, vacuum regularly.
  • Spots and spills should be cleaned immediately. Blot up liquids with absorbent towels and use a dull knife or a spoon to remove solid messes. Do not scrub! Scrubbing can damage your carpet's fibers.
  • When using cleaning agents, use the agents recommended by the manufacturer, and apply them to the cleaning cloth rather than directly to the carpet.
  • Deep stains might reappear after some time due to them wicking back up after initial cleaning.
  • Keep large stains from spreading by cleaning them from the outside in--start at the edges and work in.
  • Some chemical substances, especially alkaline or high pH chemicals like bleach or furniture polish, can permanently stain your carpet.

Even if you follow all these steps, your carpet will probably require professional cleaning at some point. Your manufacturer's warranty may even require it!

In addition, some common carpet complaints can be corrected by the customer:

  • If loose ends start sprouting above the rest of the pile, simply trim them off evenly and smooth the area with your fingers.
  • To prevent the pile from crushing, shift your furniture regularly. Crushed pile can be restored by covering the area with a damp cloth and applying gentle heat with an iron set to low. Remove the cloth, brush the still-hot pile, and keep traffic off of the carpet.
  • Shading is the natural result of foot traffic. Brushing can help reverse it, but a certain amount of shading is bound to happen.
  • Carpet is shipped in rolls that can case distortion in the pile once it is installed. To reverse the distortion, vacuum the carpet and increase the humidity in the room to 50% or more for several weeks. The pile will eventually recover naturally.