Types of Carpet

There are many types of carpet to choose from. Each has distinct advantages and specific uses.

  • Level Loop Pile has a surface that resists crushing, making it a good choice for rooms with lots of traffic.
  • Cut Pile is another good choice for rooms with lots of traffic. The highly-twisted fiber makes it durable.
  • Saxony is soft, good-looking and almost as smooth as velvet, but that same smoothness makes it more susceptible to showing marks from foot traffic and vacuuming. It's good for low-traffic rooms.
  • FriezĂ© utilizes highly-twisted yarns to provide strength and durability while also looking good.
  • Cut Loop allows for a variety of unique geometric and textural patterns. It's a good choice for both casual and formal styles.
  • Berber is usually made from thick, looped yarns, but can also be found in other styles, such as shag and cables.
  • Shag carpeting is back with a vengeance. New weaving techniques mean this bold and unique carpet type can be found in a variety of thicknesses and textures.