Types of Carpet Fiber

A carpet is nothing without its fiber. There are four basic types, and each of them is suited for different uses.

  • The most popular type of fiber, Nylon is durable yet soft, easy to clean and can be made in almost any color. The newest versions of Nylon can even be made to resist stains!
  • Polypropylene fiber's popularity has grown with the rise of Berber carpets. It is durable and resistant to stains and moisture. Since the color is added during production, it also resists fading and color loss. It's a good choice for both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Polyester is versatile and easy to clean. It is resitant to stains and has excellent durability.
  • Wool is the original carpet fiber, and the only natural one. It's also the most durable--its natural springiness makes it super resistant to foot traffic. However, it's also the most expensive fiber.

Beyond those four, there are also highly-advanced nylons that are treated with resins that make them more resitant to staining. Most of these are found under specific brand names.