How to Select Laminate

Want the timeless beauty of a hardwood or stone floor but without the cost or maintenance requirements? Then a laminate floor is right for you!

Laminate floors can be used in virtually any room of the house, except bathrooms and outdoors. Wood and stone laminates can be found in a variety of styles, widths, species and colors, with different finishes to fine-tune the look of your room.

Laminate floors are easy to install, and usually requires no gluing, nailing or stapling. Laminate floors lock together securely and with no gaps.

Since laminate floors are simply placed over the subfloor, they require an underlayment that absorbs sound, vibration and moisture. Some laminates come with their own underlayment, and newer underlayments feature antimicrobial properties to hlp prevent mold.

Carpet Spectrum's expert staff can help you choose the laminate and underlayment that are right for you. Visit one of our two locations to see what we have in stock!