How to Select Vinyl

Linoleum flooring has been around for over a century, but recent technological and chemical improvements have upped the game. Linoleum, vinyl and other types of "resilient flooring" can now emulate the look of stone and wood floors, but with less maintenance and cost.

Resilient flooring can be installed anywhere, but it really shines in rooms that are frequently wet or in rooms for children or people with mobility issues who need a safe, non-slip surface. The ease in cleaning makes it especially good for areas that see a lot of traffic, like entryways.

Speaking of cleaning, resilient flooring only needs regular sweeping and damp mopping to keep in good order.

Carpet Spectrum has a wide variety of resilient flooring in a number of different patterns and styles, plus skilled experts who will help you choose the right flooring for you. Visit one of our two locations and see what we have!